Soul Story

Helping you understand, accept and love the real you.

You’re struggling to make sense of the events unfolding in your life and how they make you feel.

You feel this intense internal pressure to ‘find your purpose’ and live a more intentional life, but the years keep ticking on and you’re no closer to clarity.

Decision making feels like agony because you’re so fearful you’re going to go down the wrong path. You regularly doubt yourself and feel uneasy.

You’re stuck playing the comparison game with those around you, wishing you had the traits of others. You’re inner ‘mean girl’ runs rampant on your soul, telling you you’re not enough and will never be enough.

I know you’re searching for answers.
For confidence in your life’s journey.

To feel at ease in your heart

Numerology can help

Numbers are powerful and we are all born with our own set.

Your major number is based on your birth date as this tells you who you are – what talents and abilities you possess. Your name helps you to find your path in life and adds more colour by identifying the path you walk, your soul, defining your wants and how others perceive you.

When analyzed they can give us clarity on our unique personality, destiny, struggles and abilities.

There are 11 numbers — 1 through to 9, as well as the master numbers 11 and 22. We don’t just have one number each. All numbers will influence us either by being present or absent in the chart. We have a range of numbers for different facets of our story which combine to balance us and paint the full picture of who we are and why we’re here.

What you can learn from your numerology

What your talents & gifts are that you should focus on

What struggles and shortcomings you need to be aware of

Your life’s mission and purpose you were born with

Your life’s mission and purpose you were born with

How you are perceived by others

What truly motivates and drives you in life

The events and influences you will encounter in your life

Imagine a booklet to your soul –

decoding your most aligned path forward towards personal fulfilment, love and success.

Stop the guessing game and start getting practical answers to the burning questions that keep going unanswered in your life. Learn to navigate through the rocky waters of life’s challenges and reach the potential you already have waiting inside of you.

"I was really floored by how with each session I had with her, I cried... my sessions I have had with her have been really mind-blowing and also very very specific.

Most of the time when I get a reading there is a part of me that is like hmmm it doesn’t fully resonate. It helped me really finally understand where a lot of my questions were or why things would happen or why I would feel a certain way. After my sessions with her I was like “oh yeah, I get it”. This is incredible. She is super in touch with what you need to hear and what is coming up for you on a very intuitive level. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”


How a session works

1 Your soul


I start by gathering key information about you in order to do an accurate profile. This includes your full name, your date of birth, your time of birth and your location of birth.

All this information will help me to personalise your results to ensure they are completely accurate.

2 Your soul
story profile


Next, I analyse your numbers or chart and put it together into an in-depth deep soul story profile. This is a beautifully designed approximately 20-30 page PDF stepping you through an understanding of who you are as a person, your gifts, talents, persona, purpose and challenges.

All profiles are written in easy to understand language to ensure you fully understand and can harness this knowledge to empower and inform your life.

3 Your soul
story consult


For those who elect to do the more comprehensive package, you can have a face-to-face 60-minute consultation with me over Zoom.

Together we can go over the key elements of your report. I can answer any questions you may have to get deeper clarity and understand what next steps you need to take. This is a must do for anyone whose soul craves to go deeper and take action from the findings of their report.

What is covered in your report

Life is the Stage and you are the Star

Your Birth Number

You auditioned and now have a part in the play called life – this part was given to you because of your particular skills, who you are and what you can do. Now it is up to you to use your skills wisely and star in the role.

What you’ll discover: What your talents and gifts are which you could be leaning into more and building your life around. Maybe these are things you already know well or aspects that you overlooked or took for granted because they came so easily to you.

You’ll also learn what the challenges are that you are likely to face or have already experienced! When you can be mindful of what your life’s struggles are, you can avoid possible heartache and build coping mechanisms or simply understand why you struggle in certain areas and allow yourself more compassion and grace. This is the most important number in your Numerology chart and will inform so much of your journey!

Your Destiny Number

This is the role you received in the play and it is who you are required to play upon the stage of life. The play’s script shows you the scenes, your directions. Now it comes down to how well you interpret and act this role with your skills.

What you’ll discover: You’ll learn what your primary purpose in life is as well as how you will be able to go about achieving the purpose laid out for you with your Birth Number. It is your life’s purpose and spiritual mission, so it should be taken seriously.

When you have more of an idea of where you should be heading you’ll feel so much more confident to set out on a path towards it.

Your Heart Soul Urge Number

This is your motivation – it was why you auditioned in the first place. You auditioned for the play and role because it appealed to you. It is the passion that got you to the audition and out on the stage to act – you hold these reasons close to your heart. These are your reasons to live and shine your light.

What you’ll discover: Ever wondered what you yearn for the most? This might seem obvious, but too often we are clouded by the judgments from others — our parents, our partners, our friends, our teachers, even celebrities and society as a whole. What do you truly want outside what you might perceive the world wants from you? Here you’ll be able to discover it.

Your Personality Number

This is your stage name, the public persona you project out into the world. When you are on the stage or the paparazzi chase you down this is the person they see. People see the role you play but not the inner person until they get to know you better. So, this number is the initial attraction others feel towards you.

What you’ll discover: Ever wondered how the world sees you? What your first impression is to others? At work? In your dating life? Often we can be perceived in one way before someone has an opportunity to get to know us better and discover the real us. When you’re armed with the knowledge of how you come across at first, you can be more mindful of allowing your authentic and real self to shine through more quickly or to understand why people may react the way they do to you at first.

Your Life Achievement Number

When you auditioned and then stepped out onto the stage you did this with an end goal in sight – you wished to achieve something and this number tells us what that is. How well this number plays out in your life depends upon your skills and dedication as the actor.

What you’ll discover: You were meant to accomplish a goal in life. But you may be feeling lost as to what that is. Achieving your life’s goal will come with hurdles to overcome and the Life Achievement number helps you to understand these and get you over the hump faster. You’ll learn your key challenges in life – both in the physical and spiritual world.

Numerology explained to me why I talk so much! I have learned to live with the fact that others will think “Shh be quiet” and that is their prerogative, but I need to be free to live authentic to me. I was born to make noise to be joyful embrace fun, so I am loud and proud. I understand I must talk through my emotions so I can learn to better understand them – through talking I learn to listen to myself and hear what I am really saying – and for the non verbal this can drive them nuts as they think I need to move past whatever it is but for me it is the words and speaking that gives understanding and allows me to process my emotions – three is emotional.

I have learned I am here to do me in this lifetime – I am learning who I am and that it is ok to put myself first and to know I am separate from others. I am learning that it is okay to have personal needs and desires that belong only to me. I understand others may think I am trying to keep peace and balance in life when in truth I don’t want that pressure I want others to learn to balance themselves.

Seven also gives me a need for solitude and this is where I understand even though I love to be with others I also need time by myself to full process what I learn. I do not like to be pigeon holed to a certain behaviour and this is the 5 who wants freedom and adventure, which I find through reading. My soul really doesn’t get why we can’t embrace our differences instead of the world who wants everyone to be the same – well I am not and I am embracing my differences. 5 is about change and my soul gets that. My whole life is working towards being a mental creative who can pioneer into life living a path less traveled in the hopes others will follow.

"I thought both the astrology report and the numerology report were great! Insightful and spot on. I'd highly recommend Rebecca to anyone looking for some deeper guidance in their life."


Package Options

Your Comprehensive

Soul Story Report

You’ll receive an in-depth 20-30 page, gorgeously designed numerology report. In the report, I cover the 5 core numbers you need to know, including the skills you need to lean into and the potential struggles you need to be mindful of with each of your numbers.

  • Your Birth/Lifepath Number
  • Your Destiny Number
  • Your Heat/Soul Number
  • Your Personality Number
  • Your Life Achievement Number

$200 AUD

Your Soul Story Report

And personal consultation

Would you like to add on a personal consultation to your report?

For those who want to dive deep into their report and get clarity on the most important points, what you should be focusing on and what your next steps should be? This is for people who are ready for big doses of soulful knowledge delivered with warmth and compassion.

  • A comprehensive 20-30 page report.
  • A 60-minute personal consultation delivered via Skype or Zoom video conferencing.

$300 AUD

Just want a consultation?

Introductory consult

$150 AUD

Ongoing consults

$90 AUD


How soon can I get my report?

This will depend upon how many I am currently doing. You should receive the report within 7 to 14 days of ordering if extremely busy it may take a bit longer.

What information will you need from me?

For a Numerology report it is very important that the correct spelling of your birth names is submitted and that all names given to you on your birth certificate are given to me. Once again, I must stress that you check spelling on the certificate and use this information. I have known people to find out they have been spelling their name different to what was registered for them or they have been going by the wrong name. If anything is left off or spelt incorrectly the report will not resonate with you. I know this seems a stretch but I have seen it happen.

For an Astrology report I will need your full birthdate, time and place (location of birth/city/town/country). If any part is incorrect the report will not sound like you or be a blue print to understanding yourself.

If you do not know your time of birth please list unknown as timing is very important. You can still receive a report but certain information won’t be accessible.

What format will my report take?

With current clients it has been a PDF file emailed. If you prefer I can also send a hard copy spiral bound by me for the cost of postage.

How do we meet for the consultation?

If you are local we can meet face to face but my preferred method is through Zoom or Skype.

How are your reports different from others?

The reason for delay in receiving my report is that I write each one personally for you. Of course, there is information that will be the same on all reports but their will always be a section that I write just for you. There are endless ways the planets and signs can show up and each is individual and unique to you so I feel you deserve to have a report that is unique to you.

I also speak in everyday language leaving behind terminology of astrology unless I give you a definition of what that means.

Are there good or bad numbers in Numerology?

There is nothing to fear and numbers do not understand the concept of good or bad for they are neither. Numbers are potential and this potential is positive or negative but only in the way you are living them or ignoring them. What you perceive to be good someone else perceives as bad and neither relates to the numbers – numbers are 100% potential of life that are lived on a sliding scale. What I mean by sliding scale is that love and hate are the same emotion, black and white are the same colour it is only as you move up and down you discover all the emotions between love and hate or all kinds of shades of grey in between black and white. It is somewhere this scale that you live the potential of your numbers.

Are there good or bad planets or signs in Astrology?

All signs, planets and their placements in your chart show pure potential. It is what we do with this potential that makes something seem good, bad, hard or easy.

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about whether the program is right for you

Your Comprehensive

Soul Story Report

Your Soul Story Report +

Personal Consultation