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If you love someone set them free

  If you love someone set them free Sometimes love means you have to let go. This is not easy, I always assumed that this was self-preservation, not truly understanding the freedom and love offered to all parties. Its funny the things you learn about love while...

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Fortune Telling V School’s Timetable

We look to the ancient practices of Numerology and Astrology and think they are light entertainment, cheap tricks or foolish ways to chase the future –but is that all they are? I personally think they are more like a school’s timetable detailing sessions and lessons....

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I love words – Which lead me to love my Ego

I really do loves words, the shape the sound they convey so much. I have trouble visualising, but I do love to ride the waves of words in books (the depth of emotion they evoke can be exquisite) and oh my goodness do I LOVE to speak them (just ask anyone who knows...

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Meet the Author

Hi there, I’m Rebecca Wilson.

I am a Numerologist, Astrologer and life story Explorer. I help people around the world that are seeking clarity on their life path.

Based in beautiful Ladysmith, New South Wales, Australia, I live with my husband, my youngest son Riley and fur babies, Hector, Lillie and Ruby. I also have a daughter Melina and son Aaron. I am Sun Scorpio, Moon Cancer and Ascendant is Gemini. I’m a learning junkie and have studied everything from Angel Reiki to Tarot.

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