Soul Story

Take your self-knowledge, trust and love to a whole new level!

Understanding yourself and your life’s journey is never easy. Sometimes it gets easier as we get older and sometimes life seems to throw you curve-balls and things get even more complicated!

You may be wondering why you feel the way you feel. Why you seem so different from those closest to you. Why you feel blocked by unconscious patterns and self-sabotage.

You may have important decisions to make, that are troubling you around your close relationships, your health, your career or your purpose in life.

You may wish you had more self-awareness. To understand what your natural talents and abilities are which you can use to live your best life.

Through Astrology

we can stop going through life waiting for things to happen to us, and start

Consciously crafting the life

we have been called to lead.

Astrology is an ancient system that uses our birth time and place and the alignment of the planets to give us insight into our soul’s story.

Through understanding the planets alignment when we were born we can get a glimpse into the inner workings of our life. The things that make us tick.

When you learn to understand yourself through astrology you can make more empowered decisions.

What you can learn from your Astrology

The essence of who you are and why you’re here

The gifts and talents you have within you

Your life’s mission and purpose you were born with

The lesson’s you’re here to learn and overcome

How to live in flow with your soul

Your communication style, values and passions

How to achieve soul growth in this lifetime

Imagine a booklet to your soul –

decoding your most aligned path forward towards personal fulfilment, love and success.

Stop the guessing game and start getting practical answers to the burning questions that keep going unanswered in your life. Learn to navigate through the rocky waters of life’s challenges and reach the potential you already have waiting inside of you.

"I was really floored by how with each session I had with her, I cried... my sessions I have had with her have been really mind-blowing and also very very specific.

Most of the time when I get a reading there is a part of me that is like hmmm it doesn’t fully resonate. It helped me really finally understand where a lot of my questions were or why things would happen or why I would feel a certain way. After my sessions with her I was like “oh yeah, I get it”. This is incredible. She is super in touch with what you need to hear and what is coming up for you on a very intuitive level. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”


How a session works

1 Your soul


I start by gathering key information about you in order to do an accurate profile. This includes your full name, your date of birth, your time of birth and your location of birth.

All this information will help me to personalise your results to ensure they are completely accurate.

2 Your soul
story profile


Next, I analyse your numbers or chart and put it together into an in-depth deep soul story profile. This is a beautifully designed approximately 20-30 page PDF stepping you through an understanding of who you are as a person, your gifts, talents, persona, purpose and challenges.

All profiles are written in easy to understand language to ensure you fully understand and can harness this knowledge to empower and inform your life.

3 Your soul
story profile


For those who elect to do the more comprehensive package, you can have a face-to-face 60-minute consultation with me over Zoom.

Together we can go over the key elements of your report. I can answer any questions you may have to get deeper clarity and understand what next steps you need to take. This is a must do for anyone whose soul craves to go deeper and take action from the findings of their report.

What is covered in your report

The core of yourself

Who you are

The essence of who you are. Your conscious self. What you need in daily life. Your everyday behaviours.

Your emotional body. Your needs and wants. Your subconscious.

The perception and lens you filter life through. Who people see first when they meet you. The body that encases the conscious and subconscious parts of you.

Extra Depth

Who you are

Your mental Structure and intellect. Your communication style. How you perceive life and what is happening to you.

What attracts and interests you. Your values. How you value yourself and others.

Your passion and drive. Where you find the energy to move through life. What you will fight for and where you use initiative.

Your Life Lessons

What you are here to learn

How you can expand and grow.

Lessons taught through contraction.

Your Purpose

South Node
The behaviour you naturally turn to.

North Node
Behaviours you need to learn to achieve soul growth.

Underlying Currents Influencing Your Life

What you need to evaluate on a very deep level and eliminate what doesn’t serve you; enabling soul depth transformation.

Your humanitarian interests. Where you find your tribe and make friendships. How you show your individuality.

Your spirituality. How you understand the universe. Your dreams and inspiration. What you fear.

My chart indicates that this lifetime will be about discovering my independence, finding my inner warrior and learning who I am. Learning to be brave and embrace me even if no one else agrees. Finding my voice and having the courage to express myself in the world. It is hard for me to be objective and I will always take everything to heart assuming that I am the cause of all that is happening. This in itself is a revelation and explains why I always had the need to apologise and say sorry. This life is very egotistical as I am asked to learn just who I am.

I have a Moon in Cancer and this explains why I withdraw into myself or physically leave when I am uncomfortable with life experiences (I love the safety of my shell that protects my soft inner side). It explains why my biggest dream in life was to be wife and mother (physical expression of my Moon in Cancer). I have a need to nurture others and yet want the same compassion and expression shown to me.

My Sun Scorpion the reason I breathe and shine each day gives me the need to understand topics on a very deep level having the need to understand why. I have an intolerance for lies, falsehoods and the inauthentic and is the reason I once again retreat when faced with speaking my truth to those who do not appreciate my truth.

I have an avid curiosity (Ascendant Gemini) that has to learn to play nice with my Scorpio and Cancer. The Gemini wants me to learn, teach and to observe life, to participate in way that can detach emotionally and this does not always mix will with my watery and emotional Sun or Moon signs.

I understand that each time I raise someone above me or work in the background trying to mediate and create peace and pushing me down to make others happy – this will always go pear shape and leave me feeling unappreciated and used. This lifetime is not for me to resolve conflict or hide in the background.

"I thought both the astrology report and the numerology report were great! Insightful and spot on. I'd highly recommend Rebecca to anyone looking for some deeper guidance in their life."


Package Options

Your Mini

Soul Story Report

You’ll receive a 20 page, gorgeously designed astrology report. In the report, I cover the main facets we can learn from our astrology so you can get a quick hit of clarity.

  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Ascendant
  • North and South Nodes

$130 AUD

Your Comprehensive

Soul Story Report

You’ll receive an in-depth 50-60 page, gorgeously designed astrology report. In the report, I cover all the key facets of who you are, so you can know and love yourself on a whole new level

  • Planets

$200 AUD

Your Soul Story Report

And personal consultation

Would you like to add on a personal consultation to your report?

For those who want to dive deep into their report and get clarity on the most important points, what you should be focusing on and what your next steps should be? This is for people who are ready for big doses of soulful knowledge delivered with warmth and compassion.

  • A comprehensive 50-60 page report.
  • A 60-minute personal consultation delivered via Skype or Zoom video conferencing.

$300 AUD

Just want a consultation?

Introductory consult

$150 AUD

Ongoing consults

$90 AUD


How soon can I get my report?

This will depend upon how many I am currently doing. You should receive the report within 7 to 14 days of ordering if extremely busy it may take a bit longer.

What information will you need from me?

For an Astrology report I will need your full birthdate, time and place (location of birth/city/town/country). If any part is incorrect the report will not sound like you or be a blue print to understanding yourself.

If you do not know your time of birth please list unknown as timing is very important. You can still receive a report but certain information won’t be accessible.

For a Numerology report it is very important that the correct spelling of your birth names is submitted and that all names given to you on your birth certificate are given to me. Once again, I must stress that you check spelling on the certificate and use this information. I have known people to find out they have been spelling their name different to what was registered for them or they have been going by the wrong name. If anything is left off or spelt incorrectly the report will not resonate with you. I know this seems a stretch but I have seen it happen.

What format will my report take?

With current clients it has been a PDF file emailed. If you prefer I can also send a hard copy spiral bound by me for the cost of postage.

How do we meet for the consultation?

If you are local we can meet face to face, but my preferred method is through Zoom or Skype.

How are your reports different from others?

The reason for delay in receiving my report is that I write each one personally for you. Of course, there is information that will be the same on all reports but their will always be a section that I write just for you. There are endless ways the planets and signs can show up and each is individual and unique to you so I feel you deserve to have a report that is unique to you.

I also speak in everyday language leaving behind terminology of astrology unless I give you a definition of what that means.

Are there good or bad planets or signs in Astrology?

All signs, planets and their placements in your chart show pure potential. It is what we do with this potential that makes something seem good, bad, hard or easy.

Are there good or bad numbers in Numerology?

There is nothing to fear and numbers do not understand the concept of good or bad for they are neither. Numbers are potential and this potential is positive or negative but only in the way you are living them or ignoring them. What you perceive to be good someone else perceives as bad and neither relates to the numbers – numbers are 100% potential of life that are lived on a sliding scale. What I mean by sliding scale is that love and hate are the same emotion, black and white are the same colour it is only as you move up and down you discover all the emotions between love and hate or all kinds of shades of grey in between black and white. It is somewhere this scale that you live the potential of your numbers.

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about whether the program is right for you

Your Mini

Soul Story Report

Your Comprehensive

Soul Story Report

Your Soul Story Report +

Personal Consultation