We all come into this lifetime with a Soul Blueprint

But especially as women we grow up trying to fit in and can spend our whole lives in the pursuit of pleasing others.

What parts of yourself have you pushed down and ignored?

What things do you try so hard at and put in so much energy and willpower, all for little reward?

I believe we can live our lives to the fullest when we focus our energy on the things that flow effortlessly and make us feel ALIVE, inspired, connected and joyful.

Numerologist, Astrologer, Life Story Explorer

I know what it is like to struggle to find your ‘lovable self’. My numbers and chart tell me I am predisposed to seek approval from others and want to care for everyone but myself. That didn’t have to be my story, but I let my negative tendencies run my life for far too long. My need for approval made me feel like I was never good enough. It made me feel small and worthless with a constant need to say sorry for everything. It felt like everything that did not go right in my life or in someone else’s had to be my fault. I was constantly searching for answers to why I was the way I was.

It took me many years to discover that I needed to look inside myself, not outside myself to find the answers I was seeking.

That’s when I discovered Numerology & Astrology.

The process of better understanding who I am and why I do the things that I do opened up a strong sense of self-compassion inside me for the first time.

I know that might seem impossible for you right now. I felt that way too.

The truth is: you are not broken

I discovered that each of us are born with a unique set of skills, abilities and a path to follow and when we do this the struggle lessens and we become more balanced and content with our life.There will be times we struggle and lose motivation and this is where we need to pause and realign ourselves with our calling. Life is a cycle and we will go through ups and downs. We need to accept that each moment is shaping us and it is our responses that will dictate what shape we take.

I know for me, once I learned the truth of my own soul’s story, I felt that finally I had permission to be exactly who am I and not beat myself up for what I’m not or constantly compare myself to others. It wasn’t an overnight process, but slowly but surely I began to learn to love and accept all the parts of myself. Even the ones I previously wished I didn’t have, because they make me who I am.

My Dream

I want to see a world where women can own not just a single part of themselves they like, but all aspects of themselves, so they can become whole again. I want to share the message that it is okay to be you, just as you are and that is enough.

My Experience

Applied Astrology studies with Debra Silverman (Level 1 & 2) and Sydney Astrology School (Level 1)

Advanced Certificate in Numerology with Anna Belcastro and Diploma in Numerology with Health & Harmony College

Additional studies in Angel Reiki, Chakras, Crystal Healing and Tarot

Diploma in Holistic Counselling with Health & Harmony College

My Promise

I treat each one of my clients with sensitivity, compassion and non-judgment. I’ve been in your shoes. I know this can be a hard journey and you may feel fragile. I know you may have never met the true version of yourself (You’re in for a treat soon!).

I will handle you with tender loving care. I will always be honest about what I see in your chart and numbers and work with you with the utmost integrity and confidentiality. Together, let’s reveal your path forward and help you make more empowered, confident decisions in life.

Ready to discover your

Souls Story Blueprint &

start finding the answers you seek?