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Numerology and the Astrology tell us so much, but, does this mean your life is predetermined or is it actual choice that decides the life you live?

One of my least intelligent moves had me steadying myself against a cactus plant when I tripped. I was to frightened to move knowing that I needed to pull the spikes out but my eyesight was restricted without my glasses (and I choose not to wear them unless absolutely necessary).

I had to rely on help from others. The first person could only see one so removed that – even though I knew there was more to go. The second person removed a lot and we felt like they were all gone but I knew deep within myself they were still there. Then the third person was me (too impatient to wait for my husband) and I felt as confident as I could that they were gone.

So do you just leave it at that or do you then take proactive care to ensure that no more pain or infection comes?

So, there were many choices I could make:

  • I could leave the spikes in and bemoan that this is what life dished me and I had to put up with the bad hand I’d been dealt?
  • I could trust others to remove the spikes and do the work for me – after all I didn’t have my glasses – anything that happened after that was not my fault but theirs – I trusted them and they did it wrong; or
  • I could be proactively check their work and take precautions to make for the best outcome possible for me

All this made me review what I thought of Numerology and Astrology. Both these studies give you the frame work of you – your skills, the shape of your perception of the world and what is on offer that interests you. What do you do with this insight is it like the spikes in my hand.

We can:

  • Bemoan “it’s not fair – Why was I given this skill and not that one … why doesn’t life give me opportunities”?
  • Rely on others opinions and say “oh well this is what they told me would happen, so I must resign myself to what is”
  • Or do we take the information given and say “I have free will and will use my known skills in the best way possible to give me the best life”

Just like I knew the cactus spikes needed me to make a choice, the main focus of Numerology and Astrology is to give you information and a look at what you could do and then it is your choice that ultimately will influence how this plays out in your life.

Do you fight the tide? Do you look at the information feel their relevance and then make the best choice you can?

Nothing is going to make your life better, but you. Numerology and Astrology open the world of opportunities, helping you to be better prepared, helping you with understanding, but, it will always come down to your choice that creates your life and you.

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