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I really do loves words, the shape the sound they convey so much. I have trouble visualising, but I do love to ride the waves of words in books (the depth of emotion they evoke can be exquisite) and oh my goodness do I LOVE to speak them (just ask anyone who knows me).

Words tell us as much or little as you want, they tell the truth, they evade, they make us feel better or bring us down, they help us escape from reality or give you understanding. Words in truth are power – a power that brings peace or condemns us to war.

Words are not just for me but for everyone – think about it every part of you vibrates with words. Your mind runs non-stop on words never drawing breath or giving you peace. When you aren’t speaking them or thinking them you are listening to them or you can be reading words.

In truth your life is surrounded by words. Have you stopped to think about the effects of words and their vibration? What exactly are you being inundated with? What impact do they have?

Connection of Words to Numerology

When I started studying Numerology I started to see why I liked words so much. Numerology offered insight into why words are so powerful and why the echo of them stays so long and lives within us and drives us on. Words are pure vibration that can be defined by numbers.

Just as I look at your name to find your destiny, personality and soul – so to do words carry their own story and power from numbers.

I stopped and I listened and certain words evoked different responses within meas my body automatically responded to them. It occurred to me to look at some power words that generate so much debate and denial in the world and I decided upon the numerology of EGO. EGO has a monumental path. Ego walks a tightrope and is judged all over the world, but what is ego really trying to tell us?

My Definition of Ego

Before we look at numbers let’s look at the definition of ego just in case you have never considered this simply term without rolling your eyes and feeling ashamed or maybe you just want to crucify your ego as you consider yourself to be egoless (now that is a dangerous concept). Let us consider the goal of Ego. EGO, keeps us safe and sometimes small in fear but it is always looking out for your safety and well being.

The definition that I have acquired of ego through my studies is the understanding that ego’s role is to link the rational part of us our conscious mind and conscious self with the wild and irrational self that wants survival and hedonistic pleasure and does not consider consequences. The ego is responsible in negotiating a path between these two opposing forces. One wants the higher path more spiritually inclined and the other pure pleasure and survival – Ego’s job is to negotiate the middle path so we can enjoy the higher concepts as well as having simply joy in our life. Ego help us to provide solutions that work towards making us healthy happy, balanced and living productive lives. The ego keeps us safe and healthy it is not an evil thing that we have to deny.

Power of the word Ego

The numbers associated with ego are:

E = 5 this comes with a need to be civilised and bohemian at the same time. A need to push boundaries and explore with endless curiosity and enthusiasm that is also balanced with the need to bring about development to enjoy the finer things in life to create civilisation with law and order.

This provides the ego with the underlying ability to push boundaries and to explore issues that relate to the self and at the same time work within the restraints of civilisation – law and order.

G = 7 asks you to always seek the truth it then goes a step further and wants you to look inwards and consider the implications of your truth – is their something you can teach others? It always questions with the need to know. Seven asks you for inward reflection to gain wisdom, understanding and knowledge.

In relation to the ego it is your ability to seek truths and really reflect upon them and consider the validity to your life –it asks can I do this better? Do I gain wisdom? It is asking you to rely on yourself.

O = 6 the number of the responsible caregiver who understands service to others.This number is driven to heal and nurture. It understands responsibility and will always step up. Ego embraces love and is it’s major driving force–Ego is in service to you it wants to care for you.

These are the numbers that drive the character of the ego now it is time to find the Destiny, soul and personality of EGO.

EGO – 9 Destiny

The Destiny number of Ego is that of the ninethe compassionate humanitarian who desires only what is best for you – it gives selflessly of itself so you can be cared for and loved. The six understands love but the nine does this in more depth and selflessly. A nine would give you the shirt of their back because you had need of it –it does this without second thought and does not demand your gratitude it does this because it deems it to be the right thing to do.

Nine is compassion, love and the desire to see the best in all things and all people. Nine wants to help and will do so tirelessly and without thought to itself. Its driving force is compassion and humanitarian issues. Nine sees the beauty in the world and adores all.

Ego offers all this to you and asks nothing in return.

Ego –11/2

Soul Ego’s soul number is 11/2 that of the soul leader whose only goal is to illuminate and guide – this is a very spiritual number. The ego under the soul influence of the 11/2 wants to help and guide you to be the best version of yourself and in this way, we too can teach others and lead by example.

Ego – 7 Personality

Ego’s personality number, which relates to how others perceive Ego, is that of the seven. The seven can appear as aslightly eccentric hermit keeping to itself always meditating and looking inwards or it is the hermit who contemplates on wisdoms found through its questions and teachers to those who will listen and seek the sevens counsel. Seven is an inward-looking number that seeks, finds truths, wisdoms and knowledge. At times because of its need for solitude it may come across as cold, lonely, insulated and abrasive having to learn lessons the hard not allowing others to help.

Ego Determined by the Self

These particular numbers confirm that Ego only wants the best for us. The truth is Ego can be this marvellous benevolent vibration, but it will always come down to how the individual lives and interprets the word. Ego can help us to expand and grow under its guidance or can lock us down and keep us small it is in how we live the numbers. Do you embrace Ego and its potential living its influence in a balanced way OR do you take them to the extreme – it will always come back to what you do with the beautiful vibration Ego has.

The ego truly does want the best for you and everyone it is big and compassionate at it its best, but when wounded or deviated from its set path it can become the negative interpretation of the numbers which may make it appear and act cold, calculating, having a path of self-serving fanatical manner that wants nothing to do with anyone. Ultimately Ego is compassionate, loving and caring, who leads by positive example who always seeks the truth and sets your feet firmly upon a compassionate humanitarian path.

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