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We look to the ancient practices of Numerology and Astrology and think they are light entertainment, cheap tricks or foolish ways to chase the future –but is that all they are?

I personally think they are more like a school’s timetable detailing sessions and lessons. They help to understand what lesson is next as well as supplying the language, the text books and all knowledge you need to survive the “School of Life”.

Numerology and Astrology are the course outline and content helping you to achieve a degree in “Life – On the Earth Plane” you may scrape by with a pass or achieve a Masters or Doctorate. This school will definitely give you a more insightful look into who you and help you to gain more intimate knowledge of who you want to be on a soul level. If you play truant, victim of life or sleep through all the lessons there is the chance of repeating the year and course. I am sure life in some form you will give you a second, third, fourth etc chance – whether it is this life or the next or leaving it as inheritance for the next generation – depends on your beliefs–the one sure thing is life has a purpose unique to each individual.

Students of Life

When you go to school you attend the classes with the same kids and yet each of us will hear a different version of what went on or even what the lesson was about. Each version will be unique to your perspective. We are all here with very individualistic goals so it doesn’t pay to copy your answers from the person beside you – it won’t work. You need to wake up and be the responsible student that embraces life has enthusiasm pays attention, questions, pushes boundaries, learns and grow sand lives an inspired life through the knowledge gained.

What you don’t want is to be:

  • The truant–you are not going to be told anything and after all what do your teachers know of life.
  • Victim-they just don’t get the angst of being me? And if they don’t get that how can they teach me and why should I do their class or learn after all I have no input or sway over this life I am the eternal victim.
  • Studious and dutiful -the student that religiously copies every word believes every statement with no thought and repeats lessons and information verbatim without having truly understood the lesson.
  • I am here but in the wrong class -the teacher is speaking their language, but may as well be in a foreign tongue because we are never going to understand the lesson because it isn’t ours to learn. Another version of this is the teaching style is all wrong for you – you are never going to understand what isn’t in your make up and it really is a relief to let it go and find a new teacher that moves your soul.
  • Rebel for the hell of it-will challenge everything and believe nothing and are not open to the possibilities to negotiate peace. Sow seeds of discontent in the name of freedom or whatever the last cause was. The rebel doesn’t truly listen it just knows it is a cause that needs a champion.

Each of these can keep you in a stasis making you stagnate in a never ending loop not allowing you to evolve.

In all that small class room is made up of endless possibilities. To know which student, you should be you need to look at who you are and this is supplied to you by your birth. The time, the date, the place the name you are gifted are all clues to the student you should be and in which classroom you will get the most benefit.

Life is the Open Book Test

We have all dreaded and yearned for these at school. Who doesn’t want to be able to refer to your school notes and books. But this concept belies how hard they can be firstly you must know how to use your notes and books and still have a rudimentary understanding of the course subject or all the open books will do is confuse you, swamp you leaving you no idea where to truly find the answers you need. Open book test can still lead you to failing your exam.

Having an open book test and actually having studied well that really is a different kettle of fish you may not breeze through as the questions are undoubtedly harder or more obscure but it really has you thinking, interpreting and mindful of your answers.

Well it is score for us because we got the open book but also a cheat sheet to help us make the more mindful answers to life questions. The open book and cheat sheets are Astrology and Numerology (plus other ancient practices out there) it is learning them and understanding what life was offering you in particular and in this way, we make the better choices in life.

Cheap Trick or Insight

We don’t want to believe that there is any insight in this as this means others can read into our lives and have opinions (how dare they) and often without permission. You only have to look at the number of reports written on famous people written with the best intention – to see the application of Numerology and Astrology in the practical way. We get to see the lives of famous and infamous and dissect their choices with the aim to gain understanding into both practices.These lives are enacted on the world stage and give us a chance to see how they have developed or ignored abilities and what patterns predicted fit their life and the blueprint of the Numerology and Astrology.

What I want you to understand is that each and everyone of us was gifted with freewill. Free will gives you the choice to go with the flow, make life hard for yourself, develop skills or throw them away. You will make a endless choices that move you towards your destiny or away from. Not only that but there are so many ways you can actually choose to live life that fulfils your purpose –there is no one way but many ways. It is your choice to use your inborn abilities – it really is down to you. The first trick is to know what these offerings are and what direction you wish to take them,the second is to make the choice to embrace them and live them well (here comes the Pass, Master’s Degree or Doctorate) or ignore them and swim upstream.

Most of us look to the horoscope or weekly numbers in the magazines and wonder what fortune is store for us today, the week and year. What Numerology and Astrology really wants you to ask is what is life wanting me to learn today about myself and the consequences of my choices and reactions. In this day and age,we have all forgotten it is our personal choices and responses that shape our world. No one else but us is responsible for the shape of our life – life gave us a head start with purpose and skills now it is up to you to how you live life.

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