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I know you have magic in your soul and greatness in your bones…waiting for you to discover it.

What parts of yourself have you ignored that could ignite your life?

Where are you pushing against the grain of your true nature?

Why do you see the world the way you do?

What are you not yet embodying that your soul craves for you?

Deep within you, you feel something stirring. Something sitting on your heart. You know there is more to your story than the current life you exist in. Take my hand and I will guide you down a journey to understand the destiny that was written for you in the stars long along.

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If you love someone set them free

  If you love someone set them free Sometimes love means you have to let go. This is not easy, I always assumed that this was self-preservation, not truly understanding the freedom and love offered to all parties. Its funny the things you learn about love while...

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Fortune Telling V School’s Timetable

We look to the ancient practices of Numerology and Astrology and think they are light entertainment, cheap tricks or foolish ways to chase the future –but is that all they are? I personally think they are more like a school’s timetable detailing sessions and lessons....

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Meet Rebecca

If you’re feeling confused about your life path and struggling to find your ‘Lovable Self’, I understand how you feel. My entire life I have been trying to learn to accept myself and see myself as still worthwhile even without the approval of others – approval I never seemed to be able to achieve. I can now see through my numbers and natal chart this approval from others was never going to happen. I was constantly searching for answers to why I was the way I was. Why things happened to me in my life that made me feel broken and fragile. Why it felt like I was at war with myself inside. Slowly I began to realise that searching for acceptance externally was never going to work and that I had to start looking within. This is what led me to discover numerology and astrology.

" I cannot recommend Rebecca highly enough.

Her knowledge of and enthusiasm for Numerology is something to behold. She is enthusiastic, encouraging and obliging in every way. Anyone who wishes to become a client of Bec’s will undoubtedly benefit from her services”


" I thought both the astrology report and the numerology report were great! Insightful and spot on. I'd highly recommend Rebecca to anyone looking for some deeper guidance in their life."


Be kinder to yourself, you are amazing!

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